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Most Common Garage Door Crashes

Accidents can occur anywhere no matter where. Even if you’re at your home, there’s still the possibility that an accident could occur if you’re not careful enough. It can occur anywhere and could result from anything that happens in your home, like garage door accidents, example.

The garage is among the most occupied areas in your house and it is frequently used. If your family members are out on a daily basis for school, work, or for any other reason, you can anticipate that your garage doors to get busy. In actual fact, there is a rise in the number of garage door accidents over the last few years. There are as many as thirty thousand garage door accidents that happen each year.

With this high volume of incidents, it’s simple to realize how garage doors can be among the more risky components of the house. Despite the danger that it can pose, many tend to ignore it, or perhaps are unaware, particularly the small youngsters who are the most at risk.

As garage door accidents are becoming more commonplace and more frequent, it’s only natural that we become more aware of the dangers. It’s possible to learn about the dangers and improve the safety of your home, and especially your garage more secure for everyone in your family.

What are the most frequently occurring garage door-related accidents? The list below outlines several of the more frequently occurring accidents:


The garage door sliding down and smashing someone is among the most frequent garage door accidents. The most frequent victims of this kind of accident are children.

Children are more prone than adults to this type of incident because they don’t respond as swiftly to the lower garage door. They’re typically not aware of the dangers of closing the garage door, and this makes them more vulnerable. Contact your Experts at Garage Door Indianapolis

In order to limit or stop the risk, a large number of garage doors have sensors that can be automated. It can tell the presence of someone or something within the path of a sliding garage door.


The garage being locked could not be as hazardous as other possible accidents but it’s something anyone wants to have. The reason for this is usually problems with the garage’s springs.

The springs are one of the main parts of garage doors. They’re essential to the smooth operation of the door, and any issue may affect how it functions. Springs are the ones responsible for raising the garage door so that it’s always in motion while the door is running.

If your springs begin to exhibit issues, such as getting loose, rusting, or breaking, it can be a reason to lock someone out of the garage as it won’t function properly. To prevent this issue and a potential accident, ensure that the spring in your garage is checked and maintained on a regular basis. If it is necessary, it must be changed with a brand new spring as soon as possible.


The garage door could squeeze the fingers of a person and that’s a risk that nobody would like to be in. It’s one of the most frequent garage door accidents, and children are the most frequent victims.

As children are the most frequent victims of accidents like this The best method to protect yourself from this is to inform youngsters about the possible hazards of garage doors. Of course, adults too must be taught and warned of the dangers. Avoid walking close to the garage door while it’s open so that there’s no risk of pinching or any other type of accident that could happen.