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Prevent intruders from getting through your garage door

One of the major purposes of a garage door might be for added security, but that doesn’t mean it’s burglar-proof. In fact, plenty of burglars and intruders find it relatively easy to break into your home through the garage door. 

If an intruder passes by any home that they want to burglarize, they would automatically look for any potential weak points. They will usually check out the kind of garage door installed as they can break into it within seconds if it’s not properly secured.

Read on and learn how to prevent intruders from getting through your garage door and into your home:

Remove The Cord Attached to the Garage Door Release Lever

You can think of the cord that’s attached to the garage door release lever as a convenience. It’s particularly useful for moments such as a power outage when you need to trip the lever in order to roll up the garage door manually. 

To remove the cord is time-consuming, especially for an intruder who doesn’t have much time. Since it takes too long, the intruder or burglar will likely give up on it for fear of being caught. In any case, it presents too much of a risk. 

In cases of emergencies when there’s no power, make sure you are able to release the lever. It’ll allow you to roll up your garage door manually.

Lock the Release Lever

You can also lock the release lever into the engaged position. This will also keep the cord attached. There are garage doors where plastic cable ties or thin wires can be used for tying the lever to the carriage assembly. 

You will always find a hole in the lever where the release cord is attached. There are also carriage assemblies that have holes where the cable ties or the wire can be tied through. And you can always drill a hole if your garage door doesn’t release.

Install Motion Sensors

Also, an excellent choice for preventing intruders is to install motion sensors in your garage door. The light would be able to detect if there is any movement in front of the garage door and it turns on when it does. 

The light from the motion sensors will remain on for a specific period of time after it goes off. As far as power sources go for these sensors, there are solar-powered options and there are electricity-powered ones. There are also some models that are hard-wired.

Don’t Forget to Lock the Door Between Your Home and Garage

Lastly, don’t forget to do one of the most basic security measures and that’s to lock the door between your home and garage. Do this each and every time you go out of your home. The last thing you want is for a burglar to get to your garage. Once there, it would be easy to access the rest of your home. 

Sometimes, you just need to do the simplest measures to prevent intruders from getting into your home. Learning about some of the steps on how to prevent intruders from getting through your garage door is a great start. Visit your Garage Door Repair in Saginaw TX to learn more!